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  • The Top 3 Fears that Keep Thousands of People Stuck in Career Pain
    by Kathy Caprino - December 14, 2018
    Last month, I had the great honor of speaking at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, an inspiring conference that attracts over 10,000 attendees from around the world. I gave two presentations, one on Finding Brave To Reach Your Highest Potential, for a breakfast event sponsored by Accenture for 150 senior women in pharma, biotech and medical technology. And the other was a panel discussion exploring the topic of Get Unstuc...
  • Surviving When Your Employer's Goals Have Changed
    by Sherri Edwards - December 6, 2018
    Staying too long in a role can have extremely negative ramifications for a person’s mental health and marketability. If that’s so, you may be asking, what then is too long and how do you know? What can be done about it? Is it necessary to jump ship? All of these are valid questions and require careful consideration. Before taking any drastic measures, it’s probably time to reassess your own goals and have an...
  • Why You Probably Need More Training, Not Less
    by Alexandra Levit - December 5, 2018
    In my work as a business and workforce consultant, I’ve observed that in times of change and uncertainty, some organizations stop spending money – and especially money that goes to employee training and development. However, given the future work trends of cross-functional teaming, workforce-wide digital fluency, and an emphasis on uniquely human skills, this may be a short-sighted approach. Let’s look at the...
  • Are Emojis Too Frivolous for the Workplace? Here's My Argument for Using Them (Sometimes)
    by Steve Farber - December 4, 2018
    Emoji can be useful to make workplace communication friendlier and less abrupt. When used in moderation and in the right context, it can bring people closer together. If you spend any time on social media, you have seen your share of emoji—those little pictures of yellow smiling faces, cups of coffee, and soccer balls. (The older term, “emoticon,” refers to the ones that are done with typographical images,...
  • Embrace Change in the New Year
    by Carole Kanchier - December 3, 2018
    Are you a Quester? Could you become one? What are Questers anyway? Questers are redefining the way we look at lifelong career, personal, and spiritual growth. Questers are described in the award-winning, Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life. Like many of us, Questers will probably spend a third to half of their adult lives working or thinking about work. But unlike many people at crucial points in their careers, the...
  • Is Women's Career Advice a Form of Gaslighting?
    by Debra Wheatman - November 30, 2018
    I came across an article recently that had a unique take on the kinds of career advice that is typically given to women. The main concept of the article is that women are being sold on the idea that it is up to them to change workplace culture and to make the workplace more encouraging and nurturing to the women who occupy it, and that this is a form of gaslighting. Gaslighting, in case you’re unaware, is a form of manip...
  • 7 Crippling Power Gaps That Keep Women From Reaching Their Highest Potential
    by Kathy Caprino - November 28, 2018
    In the past 13 years of coaching and training professional women around the globe, I’ve seen firsthand that thousands of women have spent years building careers they thought would make them happy, only to wake up and realize they are very far from where they want to be, without a clue as to what’s in the way. Thousands are expending great amounts of energy hiding the fact that they’re scared, sad and demor...
  • Why Don't We Just Stop Having Meetings and Send Texts Instead?
    by Steve Farber - November 27, 2018
    Everybody’s telling you to avoid so many meetings. Here’s some opposite advice. It’s almost a cliché that people hate going to meetings, and many of the complaints are legitimate. Meetings take up a lot of time. They distract people from important tasks. To add insult to injury, if you’re the one who called the meeting, some are focused on other things such as daydreaming, looking at their pho...
  • Does Your Career Express Your Purpose?
    by Carole Kanchier - November 26, 2018
    “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” John F. Kennedy Having a sense of purpose and striving towards goals that enable you to express your purpose gives life meaning, direction and satisfaction. It not only contributes to health and longevity, but also enables you to succeed in uncertain times. If you're in harmony with your purpose, you're also in sync with the energy of th...
  • Winning at Working: Time-Out
    by Nan S. Russell - November 26, 2018
    When young children misbehave, parents, teachers, and caregivers frequently insist on a time-out. Think how much better your workplace would be if you initiated the same approach. No, it’s not for your boss or coworkers, it’s for you. It’s hard to be amenable to reason or hear a contrary point of view when we’re stubbornly clinging to our position. It’s hard to hear a new idea when the change t...