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  Project Management Training That Fits Your Schedule
by Randall Olson - Nov, 2008
Do you want to learn more about project management? Are you interested in preparing to sit for the PMP certification exam? Many people whose jobs involve project management want to further their skills and knowledge, a well as earn the PMP credentials that will help them stand out from others who work in the profession. However, finding the time to get the training necessary to advance in the field isn't something that's alway...
  The Art of Professional Growth Counseling
by Joe Giordano - Nov, 2008
Professional growth counseling is the act of planning for the accomplishment of individual and professional goals within your organization. It is the cornerstone of succession planning and staff development and the key to ensuring the future success of your company. Professional growth counseling is a shared effort that involves managers and their direct reports jointly committing to performance related self-improvement. Ma...
  Blended Learning: A Cost-Effective Corporate Training Solution
by Mary G. White - Aug, 2008
Employee development training is critical to the long term success of any organization. Making plans to help employees keep up with and fully utilize technology is part of any sound strategic plan. It’s also necessary for business leaders to identify employees who have the potential to grow with the organization and develop them to fill critical roles that are likely to become available in the future. Practicalities of Empl...
  The Future of Training: Hybrid Learning
by Mary G. White - Aug, 2008
There is much debate regarding whether online learning or live instruction is a better method of instructional delivery for adult learners and corporate training settings. It’s true that there are advantages and disadvantages with both types of instructional delivery. It’s also true that online learning and “bricks and mortar” learning aren’t mutually exclusive propositions. Theories about the best ways to design instructi...
  Identify Workforce Skill Gaps With Needs Assessment
by Randall Olson - Aug, 2008
As a small business owner, it's important to take proactive steps toward making sure that your employees are ready and able to handle the technological and environmental changes that are likely to impact your business. It's important to remember that employee training doesn't stop with your new hire orientation procedures. Organizational training needs are ongoing, particularly in the rapidly changing 21st century workforce....
  The Importance of Disaster Recovery Plans for Small Businesses
by Randall Olson - Aug, 2008
Disasters can strike any time or anywhere, and they can impact businesses of all sizes. Small business owners who think they don't need disaster recovery plans are likely to find themselves struggling to recover in the event of a natural, economic, or other type of disaster. The purpose of a disaster recovery plan is to spell out the actions that should be taken to protect the interests of the business, its employees, and...
  The Business Results of Coaching
by Marshall Brown - Aug, 2008
Without a doubt, coaching is the hottest approach to enhancing the performance of the people in an enterprise—whether it’s teams of coaches working with managers in an association, Fortune 500 company, transition coaching for new C-level executive hires, or coaches working with the owners of small businesses or sole proprietorships. It is clear from the increasing acceptance and investment in coaching, among the broad spectrum...
  Standardized Exam Preparation Tips
by Mary G. White - Aug, 2008
Whether you're getting ready to apply for admission to college or are seeking a professional certification, preparing to take a standardized exam can be very stressful. Not only do you need to possess a solid understanding of the material covered by the exam, you also have to know how to read questions that sometimes seem to be worded in a deliberately tricky manner. To compound the issue, you also have to cope with the add...
  Can Your Business Run Without You?
by Dr. Barton Goldsmith - Apr, 2008
If you don't take vacations or start new projects because you're afraid of what might go wrong when you're not around, it's a symptom of a serious business dysfunction. You have ineffective-manageritis. If your direct reports cannot sit in your chair and do your job, you haven't trained them properly. Think about it. If you have had to do damage control after taking some time away from the business, then some training of yo...
  The Fish Stinks From the Head Down
by Dr. Barton Goldsmith - Apr, 2008
This old Greek saying simply means that the leader is responsible for everything and anything in their company. That means everything that goes right, and anything that goes wrong. FDR said it in a different way - “The buck stops here.” Good leadership and management are the most important functions of any business. Simply put, bad leadership equals bad business. The Four Components of a Business To better understand this...
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