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Perham, MN US
Posted 56 months ago
Position No Longer Available
Position No Longer Available
Job Description
To define responsibilities and provide instructions for tasks performed by the general packaging line worker.
This work instruction applies to line workers at Barrel O’Fun.
Line worker
  • Paper work
  • Packing Boxes
  • Pick Over
  • Stickering boxes
  • Wipe Out
  • Wash Out
  • Variety pack
  • Palleting Boxes
  • Sanitation
  • Safety
  • GMP’s

  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment for tasks performed
    • Wear hearing protection on the pick over lines
    • Wear safety glasses when blowing out machines with or around air hoses or with chemicals
  • Report any accidents or unsafe conditions to your supervisor
  • Follow company safety requirements and policies
  • Use caution when working with chemicals and report any chemical spills to your supervisor immediately
  • Observe GMP policy.
  • Wear gloves when touching product or product contact surfaces
  • Wear apron when dumping over flow and on pickover
GMP’s – Good Manufacturing Practices
  1. Paper work. (FM-0426 Quality Checks Online)
    1. Weigh bag.
      1. Make sure weight matches weight on bag and on the box.
      2. Make sure actual weight is at or above label weight.
      3. Record weight on paperwork.
    2. Check top of paperwork sheet (FM-0426)
      1. Fill in Date, Line and Machine number to start shift.
      2. For checks done throughout the shift, make sure the right line, machine and date is on it.
      3. Fill out required information.
    3. Check dates and codes on case and product to make sure they match.
    4. Alert operator to any problems with dates, lot codes, weights or leaking bags.
  2. Packing Boxes
    1. Match information on chip bag to sticker on box.
      1. Example: weight, product name, seasoning, date (mo., day and year), lot code
    2. Check sticker on box for amount of bags to be put in box.
    3. Pack bags in neat rows and layers, with all bags facing same direction and all right side up.
    4. Make sure box is not upside down, is not missing its sticker, has no holes in it and make sure box is clean (not full of grease or foot prints).
    5. Check bags for leaks, missing or incorrect code dates, marks on film, bad seams or puckered corners.  Alert operator to any problems.
    6. Make sure right amount of bags are in the box.
    7. Send box through taper if necessary and pallet box. Check taper for proper operation and amount of tape.
    8. Get more boxes, if needed.
      1. Make sure you have right boxes.
      2. Check number on box and date.
    9. Dump bad bags in white buckets.
  3. Pick Over
    1. Wear apron, gloves and ear plugs
    2. Pick out chips per defect charts for the line.
    3. Empty chip bucket when full.
    4. If line is down, sweep around pick over area and dump chip carts in auger and record on waste sheet where applicable.
  4. Stickering Boxes
    1. Make sure sticker is on right side of box and not upside down on box.
      1. If not sure of sticker position, ask.
    2. Use the right size box for the stickers you’re using.
    3. Don’t stack pallets too high.  If the pallet doesn’t look sturdy, wrap it.
    4. When pallet of boxes is complete, label it to tell what the boxes are.
      1. For certain items, pallet stickers are required. Place these on pallets where required.
  5. Wipe Out
    1. Fill out paperwork for line being down.
    2. Make sure all vibes are off.
    3. Wipe out all seasoning and chip crumbs from machine scales, barrel and vibrator.
      1. When wiping out equipment, do not place towel boxes on vibes.
    4. If necessary, rinse barrel out.
    5. Wear safety glasses and blow machines out with air hose.
    6. After machine is blown off, have operator close scales.
      1. Wipe out and blow out any chip crumbs in scales.
    7. Sweep any chips off floor.
    8. When finished, have supervisor look at machines to verify it’s cleaned properly.
  6. Wash Out
    1. Fill out paperwork for line being down.
    2. Make sure all vibes are off.
    3. Remove all parts off machine that are removable.
      1. Put on grey cart.
    4. Wash all parts of machine in wash room.
    5. Anything that can’t be removed, wash with O-Force sanitizing spray at a dilution of 5oz. per gallon of water, according to sanitation work instructions..
    6. Dry all washed parts and put machine back together.
    7. Sweep floor.
  7. Variety Pack
    1. Put correct amount of each kind of chip in boxes.
    2. Check for leaky bags. (bad seams, puckered corners)
    3. Send full box through taper and put sticker on box.
    4. When doing VP on line, fold the top of the box, only tape the bottom.
  8. Palletizing Boxes
    1. Make sure box is taped.
    2. Do not palletize any boxes with holes in them.
    3. Make sure all boxes have labels.
    4. Stack boxes square on the pallet.
    5. Do not throw or slam boxes down on the pallet.
    6. Stack boxes evenly on pallet so one end is not hanging over too far.
    7. Stack boxes layer by layer.
    8. Stack boxes with labels facing outside of pallet.
    9. Boxes with display windows need to have the windows facing inside of pallet.
      1. There are exceptions to this rule, refer to ROG or specifications for this information.
  9. Sanitation
    1. When lines are down or you have extra time;
      1. Sweep up around work area,
      2. Blow out chips from under conveyor belts with air hose, unless products are running on adjacent lines.
      3. Empty garbage cans,
      4. Dump garbage carts, overflow waste carts
      5. Dust off equipment,
      6. Wipe out white chip buckets.
      7. Manage overflow bags,
        1. Be sure to use cardboard on pallets.
        2. Be sure to label overflow bags as appropriate
      8. Re-stock boxes
    2. Clean up any spills immediately.
  10. Safety
10.1. Keep area of work in a safety conscious way.
10.2. Notify your supervisor immediately of any unsafe situation observed.
10.3. Follow all established safety procedures and guidelines.
10.4. Immediately report accidents to your supervisor
10.5. Report leaks to supervisor (air hoses, roof, water)
  • General mathematical ability
  • Experience or training up to 1 month or more
  • Self-motivation
  • Learning, memorizing and executing a sequence of procedures
  • Good hand – eye coordination
  • Willing and able to get along with others
  • Good judgment and reasoning abilities
  • Continuous standing and walking
  • Continuous bending, stooping, carrying, lifting, pushing and pulling
  • Frequently climbing and reaching above shoulder level
  • Occasionally squatting
  • Working at times in a hot or cool environment
British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety
    7 Personnel, 7.1 Training – Raw Material Handling, Preparation, Processing, Packing and   
    Storage Areas


Position No Longer Available
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