Patience, Grasshopper: Culture and Qualifications Fit Take Time
Patience, Grasshopper: Culture and Qualifications Fit Take Time

The Reality of Job Search

Patience, Grasshopper: If ever this phrase was more applicable, it is during executive job search.

After weeks, or even months of introspection and prep to launch your newly rebranded career portfolio, it may be tempting to expect to ‘rush’ to the results finish line. Landing that first interview seems like it should be just around the corner, now. After all, you’ve been running this race for what feels like a long time.

The reality is, you’ve just begun.

Culture + Qualifications Fit Take Time

Instead, consider the fact that most high-level roles that you specifically are seeking are highly sought after, competitive and well, RARE. By rare, I mean, the roles that have the culture and qualifications fit that are particularly ALIGNED with your culture and qualifications background are super elusive and not always at-the-ready just because YOU are now ready.

Patience, grasshopper — plus, persistence in the small daily steps – is the name of the executive job search game.


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