6 Job Search Myths: To Believe or Not to Believe?
Executives that are actively in job search mode can be busy juggling the many tasks of daily living and keeping a current employer happy. Sometimes they lag behind in the job search process and wonder why they aren’t moving forward faster. Here’s a few common myths that often derail the success of a job hunt.

MYTH 1: “I should get the interview because I’m qualified.” Many well-qualified executives end up in the rejection pile without so much as a call for an interview. Companies usually have more qualified candidates than they have time to interview, so don’t take it personally. You might not be the perfect fit from the company’s point of view. What you see as a perfect match with your background may not always match the employer’s perspective.

MYTH 2: “I need a gimmick to stand out.” Really? What the employer wants to see is a stellar cover letter and resume that demonstrate your achievements and strengths in the areas the employer needs. Gimmicks do not make up for lack of qualifications.

MYTH 3: “I have a graduate degree and that will open doors for me.” That isn’t necessarily true if your degree has no link to your current career path, and some employers may find it irrelevant. A degree alone without the experience may not help.

MYTH 4: “I’m sure to get a job offer after that great interview.” As an executive, you know that when companies hire, there are many factors involved. The company may have an internal candidate and just needed to interview outside the company for due diligence. Another candidate may have interviewed after you and be a better fit. Any number of things may come into play, so don’t assume anything.

MYTH 5: “I should be hearing from them any day because they said they’d contact me soon.” No necessarily so. Employers and executive candidates tend to view “I’ll get back to you” in different time zones. There are many hiring processes and work priorities that can slow the process on the company side, while your expectations are that you will hear from someone quickly. Lower your expectations to be realistic and avoid disappointment of a longer response time. Don’t sit back and wait.

MYTH 6: “I’m going to quit searching because this job’s in the bag.” This is possibly the worst mistake you can make! Never, never turn down an interview or stop your job search before you get a job offer in hand. Gaining momentum in job search is hard enough without having to start over again.