Company Overview

A School on a Mission

Rasmussen University is an institution of higher learning dedicated to global enrichment and meeting the evolving needs of our diverse communities.

With an emphasis on innovative programs, dynamic curriculum and general education skills, we are committed to being a pioneer in the field of career-focused education.

We empower our students, faculty and staff to exceed the expectations of society through academic excellence, community enrichment and service to the public good.

Our Past Strengthens Our Future

For the past century, Rasmussen University has prepared students to succeed. Although the world has changed dramatically, our goal has remained the same: to give our students a better education. With experience, innovation and dedication, we as an institution have not just evolved to meet demands but have led the way in supporting our students’ success.

Values that Transform Lives

A Learning Culture of Continuous Learners
At Rasmussen University, we have built a learning organization that fosters an aspiration of continuous improvement and growth for students and employees. The learning-centric nature of our organization enables us to adapt to market trends instinctively, forming the core of our competitive advantage.
Respect for the Individual
We maintain the utmost respect for those we deem most important: our students, the employers who hire our graduates, the communities we serve and our own employee team. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our work and actions, and we maintain a positive and constructive environment in the classroom, on our campuses and in our offices.
Think and Operate Like Owners
We instill an ownership mentality and encourage employees to manage their responsibilities as if they are managing their own company. We achieve our competitive advantage by operating with a sense of urgency, and we maintain high-quality standards by expecting the best out of ourselves and our fellow team members.
Pride of Organization
We are proud of the work that we do to change and build lives. That pride is developed by hard work, achieving and celebrating results, recognizing the accomplishments of others and by continuously challenging oneself to excel.
Commitment to Diversity
At Rasmussen University, we are committed to inclusion and diversity. We welcome all backgrounds, cultures and experiences within our employee team. Diversity and acceptance not only support our students, but also evolve and strengthen our organization as a whole.
The Very Highest Business and Personal Ethics
At Rasmussen University, there is absolutely no tolerance for unethical behavior, and every decision that we make is meant to be in the best long-term interest of our valued student. We strive to be completely transparent and we expect straightforward honesty of our employees at all times.
Support for Our Employees and Their Goals
We appreciate our employees for their accomplishments, integrity and dedication, and we reward them by offering a supportive and upbeat working environment. Giving our employees many opportunities for personal and professional growth is central to our culture.

Thrive in Our Inclusive Culture

We work hard at Rasmussen University—and we have fun, too. Company-wide rewards and recognitions, in-office parties and celebrations give our employees the chance to appreciate and share their achievements as a team. Team-building games, field trips, company picnics, dinners and office potlucks are just some of the fun and unique things that make our teams stronger and make coming to work each day a pleasure.

Not only do we want to give back to our employees, but also to the communities that support us—that’s why we provide opportunities for our employees to participate in charity and volunteer work. An example is our annual Community Service Day, where employees and students come together to volunteer in their local communities. For over 10 years, our national Community Service Day has focused the efforts of nearly 700 employees and students from 23 campuses. Through this effort, staff and students have volunteered in the past for more than 2,700 hours in a single 24-hour period.

Become a Part of Our Dedicated Team

Rasmussen University is a higher learning organization that embodies an ambitious spirit of passion and innovation. With more than 120 years of experience, we understand the value of hardworking professionals in higher education and offer the assurance and benefits of an established institution. Our team is made up of an academically and culturally diverse group of individuals who are driven to make a difference in the lives of our students while enhancing their own professional goals.

If you are a passionate and motivated individual who is interested in a dynamic, team-oriented culture, please take a look at our current openings. Positions are available at our campuses in Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, Kansas and Wisconsin, as well as at our central offices in Chicago, Orlando and the Twin Cities.

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