Company Overview
“Pinnacle” means the highest point of achievement. It is Pinnacle Services’ goal to help the people we serve to attain the highest level of achievement for themselves, as we support them and their families in meeting their needs and accomplishing their goals.

Pinnacle Services was founded on the belief that everyone has the desire to learn and grow. We are dedicated to the people whom we serve. We are genuinely concerned about the quality of life people with disabilities encounter, and we are committed to developing services that enhance the lives of the individuals we serve and that meet their dreams and desires.

We provide innovative supports, assisting people to achieve their personal goals and to improve the quality of their lives. Our services are flexible, meeting individual’s needs for design, delivery and level of support. We bring cultural diversity, consumer satisfaction, person-centered services, high standards, and proven quality to the consumers we serve.

Pinnacle Services provides a variety of services in a number of counties throughout the State of Minnesota. We provide services to very young children and to older adults.
Company Summary
Pinnacle Services, Inc.
Number of Employees
(612) 977-3100
(612) 977-3101
724 Central Avenue Northeast
Minneapolis, MN