Company Overview

Mansfield Energy provides innovative solutions to the most demanding energy procurement, supply and logistics challenges for organizations across North America. We offer a broad range of solutions including fuels, natural gas and energy price and data management services. For over 60 years, Mansfield has grown to deliver more than 3 billion gallons of fuel and complementary products annually to over 5,000 customers across the US and Canada.

The Mansfield team is committed to our customers’ success.

Every day, our actions are in accordance with the company’s six core principles: IntegrityExcellenceConscientiousnessInnovationPersonal Service and Teamwork. These core principles ensure we put our customers first in everything we do.

Company Summary
Mansfield Oil Company
Number of Employees
500 or more
(800) 695-6626
1025 Airport Parkway
Gainesville, GA