Company Overview

Our goal is to make getting mental health care the norm. And while we know that going to therapy and being vulnerable with someone you just met can seem scary, we do everything we can to make each session as comfortable and fun as possible. As your professional secret keepers, we aim to walk along this journey with you and provide you with a safe place to talk, decompress, and heal.

The Ellie Story

Ellie was founded in 2015 by Erin Pash and Kyle Keller when they opened the first Ellie clinic. Since then, the Ellie fam has continued to grow with multiple clinics in Minnesota and a growing number of franchises across the country.

Ellie was proudly founded on the principal of destigmatizing mental health. The mental health industry is full of barriers, and we’ve made it our goal to fill the gap and find innovative ways to break down these barriers for the communities we serve. The main way we do this? With humor! We believe that struggling with mental health issues is 100% normal. Some days are great, and some days make you wish you could dig yourself in a hole and hide from at all. Everyone has those days (even your therapist).

Every single person on this Earth has had their share of bad days – and if they say otherwise just know that’s total BS. When your mental health is at its lowest, getting the care you need should be as easy to access as possible. Ellie is here to provide you that support: a real person walking alongside you through life’s wildest moments.


Compassionately transforming the culture of mental healthcare by providing creative solutions that make wellness accessible in every community.


We believe that a strong therapeutic relationship is vital to making therapy work. Our core values emphasize impactful connections between clients and therapists, allowing us to fill the gap in our communities and make a real difference in the lives of our clients.

  • CREATIVITY: We get creative in providing unique mental health services to all people–from the innovative approaches we take in shaping our agency’s programs and services to the creative adaptation and application of therapeutic techniques that we use in each session. We employ some of the most creative professionals in the field, and continuously aim to promote a culture of unconventional thinking and flexible problem-solving.
  • AUTHENTICITY: Sincerity, integrity, and genuineness are all traits we aim to sharpen through honest self-reflection and ongoing self-development. At Ellie, we encourage all of our staff to continuously strengthen their relationship with their inner-self and to utilize this as a tool for professional growth that stokes genuine interpersonal communication.
  • HUMOR: We believe that a good sense of humor is more than just a great tool for connecting with others; it’s an invaluable personality characteristic that demonstrates originality, creativity, genuineness and excellent critical thinking. Ellie staff utilize humor as a therapeutic technique for helping others to see problems in a new light, and as a means of cultivating a lighthearted, welcoming, and playful environment for both our staff and clients alike.
  • COMPASSION: We believe that all human beings experience pain and suffering and that it is our duty to honor and respect their stories, challenges, tragedies, and dreams. Compassion is about bearing witness to the struggles of another living being and to “suffer with” them by holding a space for them to safely give voice to their pain and their hope.
  • ACCEPTANCE: We believe that everyone, both clients and staff, can benefit from practicing. We maintain an attitude of openness by welcoming and valuing differences. We strive to routinely practice acceptance; accepting ourselves, accepting others, accepting feedback, accepting changes, and accepting adversity.
  • DETERMINATION: We are determined to make a difference, and we are highly motivated to do all that we can to support the goals and visions of those we serve. We are also determined to find a way to overcome all obstacles standing in the way of delivering comprehensive mental health services to those who have fallen through the gaps in the traditional healthcare model.



We hire people passionate about making change in the mental health community. We take a creative and collaborative approach to create change, while putting our team first.

Ellie is a socially responsible for-profit business, which allows us to be flexible and responsive to our community’s needs. Many mental health and wellness-focused companies are non-profits or government agencies, which rely on the general public, grants, or large donors for funding. This model often results in little creativity and lower compensation for employees, promoting a work culture that just makes people feel “blah.”

Feeling blah doesn’t help employees stay motivated, engaged, or even in their jobs for a very long time! So we created a new model: one that puts flexibility, innovative decision-making, creativity, and our people first, while remaining a socially conscious and responsible for-profit business focused on changing how we treat mental health.

EMPLOYEE Experience
We take care of our people. It’s that simple. From investing in their financial future, to providing wages that shatter the ceiling in our industry to reasonable caseload expectations we ensure that our people are happy. Happy employees do better work and provide better client care!

We also know that when you have a tough job with a high risk of emotional fatigue and burnout, the only antidotes are the opportunity to grow and be creative. Our employees have clear growth paths for advancing their careers. We have created a culture that reminds us that our employees are the leaders.

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