Company Overview

Element is a leading global provider of Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) services on a wide range of products, materials, processes and services and products for a diverse set of end markets, where failure in service is simply not an option.

Headquartered in London, UK, Element’s scientists, engineers, and technologists, working in our global network of over 200 laboratories, support customers from early R&D, through complex regulatory approvals and into production ensuring that their products, materials, processes, and services are safe, compliant, and fit for purpose.

Our Purpose

Making tomorrow safer than today
We recognize the wider impact of what we do – on the people and communities that we serve. Every day, in one way or another, we support customers who really care about their products and services getting to market and ensuring they are safe, fit for purpose and compliant. If those products or services fail in use, then there are significant consequences.

From pharmaceuticals to fire testing, from aviation to automotive, and medical to mobile devices, we help customers who are striving to make a positive change in the world. Like them, we are making tomorrow safer than today.

Our Values

Everyone at Element lives and breathes three core values. These values, which were chosen in an all-colleague poll, define and describe what it means to work at Element. 

In our day-to-day work, every question we ask, every decision we make, and every interaction we have with ourselves and our customers, are guided by our values of Integrity, Care, and Progress.

Living and breathing these values helps Element to grow, individually and as an organization, to the betterment of our world, our society, our customers, ourselves, and will enable us to deliver our purpose of making tomorrow safer than today.

  • Integrity: We do what is right
  • Care: We care about the impact we have
  • Progress: We strive to create a more positive future


Careers at Element

We are a global family of scientists, engineers and technologists, driven by our purpose of Making Tomorrow Safer Than Today. Explore our jobs to see how you can make a positive difference to people’s lives, each and every day.

Why join us?
Our global network of over 270+ locations and laboratories offers rewarding and challenging career opportunities across a diverse set of end markets. We are not your average TIC company and pride ourselves on putting integrity, progress and care at the core of everything we do. 

Life at Element
You may notice that we refer to ourselves as a ‘family’, this might sound cliché but it’s true. As an Element colleague you will join over 9,000 bright and brilliant minds operating in an inclusive, positive and respectful working environment, with a number of employee experience initiatives on offer to help you to do and feel your best.

Company Summary
Element Materials Technology
Number of Employees
(651) 645-3601
662 Cromwell Avenue
Saint Paul, MN