Company Overview

A global technology leader
Our products and services provide our customers with the means to influence and better understand their environment.We enable customers to find answers, remove doubt and make smarter decisions.

As our world faces pressing societal and environmental challenges, it’s more important than ever to base decisions on accurate, reliable data. Our weather, environmental, and industrial measurement products and services provide our customers with the means to enhance safety, efficiency, and decision making – making an impact on the lives of millions of people all around the world. Curiosity, the desire to meet challenges and an extraordinary ability to innovate are?Vaisala's core, both past and present. In line with our mission Observations for a better world, we continue our work to help find answers and take action for a sustainable future.


Our way of operating is innovative and driven by the following four values. They are the basis of all our activities, both within Vaisala and with our partners and customers.

  • Customer Focus: Customers are the core of our global impact: through our solutions and customers, we can live our mission and have a positive handprint on the world. We strive for deep understanding of our customers' needs and aim at meeting them in everything we do. 
  • Innovation and Renewal:We embrace pioneering innovation and drive change through continuous improvement and learning. Through our technological innovations we wish to enhance positive change in the world, providing observations for a better world.
  • Strong Together: We excel by sharing, learning and working together with each other and our stakeholders. Our professional employees are the backbone of our business, and we also collaborate in the scientific community globally.
  • Integrity: We are honest, respectful and reliable. We promote sustainable and ethical behavior. Sustainability and responsibility are integrated in all our business practices, and we expect similar behavior from all our partners, according to our Code of Conduct. 


Want a career with purpose?

10 reasons to join Vaisala
Our innovative high-tech business provides opportunities for curious challenge-seekers to make a real difference. As a part of our global team you can contribute with science and technology to solve the big environmental and societal challenges of our time. Here are 10 reasons why you should join us in the journey towards our mission Observations for a better world.

1. Our planet needs you 
We need the best expertise to solve the most pressing societal and environmental challenges of our time. At Vaisala, you can contribute through our solutions that help to understand and act upon climate change, and to reduce the environmental impacts of industrial processes.

2. Leading products and technological innovations 
We have a large product and system portfolio based on proprietary leading technologies and a strong partner network. In-house manufacturing of key technologies is one of our key strengths and providing the best, leading products for our customers’ needs is in the core of our strategy.

3. We make significant investments in R&D  
Science-based innovations are the core of Vaisala. In 2021, we invested 13% of net sales into R&D and have over 29% of our employees working on R&D activities. In 2021, we opened a new state-of-the-art innovation center next to our headquarters in Vantaa.

4. This is unique arena for product development 
At Vaisala, you get to see the whole journey from starting co-innovation with customers to hardware and software design, development, and testing. Also production takes place in-house. In Finland, this whole process can be experienced at our Vantaa campus area in close collaboration with our people, partners, and sites around the world.

5. No challenge is too tough, and the sky is no limit 
Our products are so durable, reliable, and accurate that they work in the most challenging conditions. The heat of Sahara, cold of Antarctica, or the eye of a hurricane – no challenge is too tough for us. This attitude and curiosity to challenge status quo and find novel solutions unite all our over 2,000 employees, regardless of role and location. And the sky is literally no limit: our sensors are even used by NASA to explore Mars.

6. Our people like it here 
Our over 2,000 employees are committed and proud to be working with Vaisala, staying with us on average for a decade of employment. On a scale from 1 to 5, our engagement index was 4.14 in our global employee survey 2021.

7. Equal opportunities for all 
Vaisala is committed to diversity and equality, providing equal opportunities for all persons in all facets of employment. We are proud to say that we have no gender pay gap: in 2021, women’s salary was, on average, on the same level as men’s salary on the same job requirement level.

8. Learning is present throughout a career in Vaisala 
We believe in continuous learning and development. Our approach combines internal and external learning programs, learning on the job, co-operation with universities and researchers, job rotation, international assignments, mentoring and coaching processes.

9. We are truly global 
We are headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, with over 25 offices in 16 countries and business in more than 150 countries. 34% of net sales come from North and South America, 33% from Asia Pacific and 33% from Europe, Middle East and Africa.

10. We are a stable and growing company 
There are many reasons to invest into Vaisala – both as an investor, and for your next career move. We are a market leader with a strong financial position, well-diversified sales mix and growth potential in multiple dimensions. We are to a large extent owned by the descendants of Vaisala’s founder Vilho Väisälä, dedicated to the long-term success of the company. 

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