Company Overview
PKT Enterprises is a small to midsize Company established in 1994 which is committed to serving the needs of adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities. PKT Enterprises, which is actually the name we "do business as," comes from our corporate name, Paraklatos, Incorporated. The word Paraklatos is Greek for "advocate" or "counselor," implying a "coming along side" role, a position with a responsibility that we believe to be very important. We view ourselves as: 1. advocates: supporting the dreams, needs, and rights of the individuals we serve, and as 2. counselors: to teach, instruct, and encourage as each individual's dreams, needs, and rights deem necessary. Then, to truly come along side the individuals we serve as active participants in their lives.

We began with one home in St. Paul and have gradually grown to our current number of 9 residential group homes in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area. The type of assistance we provide depends on the needs and the desires of the individuals we serve. A person may need help with every aspect of their everyday life or they may need us to only help them to access the community. Whatever the stated need, we provide or help facilitate the required help.

PKT also provides In-Home Services to individuals who live with their parents or Foster parents in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. In-Home Services involve anything from providing opportunities for these people to go shopping, attend movies or concerts, to helping someone organize their closet, care for their pet, or attend and participate in work programs and sites.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care to all the individuals we serve. We believe that in providing an environment which is safe and fun these individuals can live up to their potential and enjoy as many opportunities as possible; to learn and to grow. It is our desire to promote independence, provide opportunities to have meaningful relationships and introduce our clients to new experiences. We believe that the best investment that one can make in life is in the lives of those around us, that's why our mission reads:

Working together with integrity to provide quality care, support, and life enriching opportunities to persons with disabilities, in an environment fostering growth and independence, while upholding and maintaining a viable, ethical, and moral business, treating everyone with respect, compassion, and dignity.
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PKT Enterprises
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