Company Overview

Growing Green for Good

At Green Thumb, we believe in the plant’s potential to improve health, happiness, and comfort. We invest in our people, our brands, and our retail experiences to power a profound shift in well-being.

Growing the standard for cannabis.
We believe great products begin with empathy and understanding. We seek out and support ideas that expand our collective consciousness around cannabis and its possibilities for well-being.

Focus Areas

We’re leaving our thumbprint on the industry.
To reach the furthest and do the most good, we focus on three areas: people, partners, and the plant.

A place where people come first
Our real power is in our people and our shared commitment to giving back to the communities that we serve.

A family of brands
Because well-being is personal, we make brands and products to fit different preferences and lifestyles.

Forward—thinking investing
We’re building the future of cannabis today. Together our team is creating and capturing opportunities with future-minded branding and retail experiences.

Who We Are

We believe everyone has a right to well-being.
Within our industry, we hold ourselves to a higher standard to grow and serve even more people with safe, quality cannabis.

Growing green for good.
Our role in what we call “Prohibition 2.0” is grounded by simple beliefs and a lofty vision. As a leading cannabis CPG company, we exist to be helpful stewards on everyone’s journey to well-being.

Whether you enjoy cannabis for health, happiness, comfort, or another reason entirely, we believe in the right to have access, options, and, most importantly, the safest products available.

Our Values

What’s our team like? Get to know us.
These traits hold us accountable as people who make up a business, so we grow individually and collectively to serve even more people.

  • We’re Humble
    We prefer quiet confidence and don’t shout about our success.

  • We’re Hardworking
    We put our heads down and get the job done.

  • We’re Grateful
    Working in our industry is a privilege and an act of service.

  • We’re Transparent
    Honest and open communication keeps us healthy as an organization.

  • We’re Collaborative
    And believe good ideas can come from anywhere.

  • We Have a Growth Mindset
    One that’s grounded in well-being.

Social Impact

Growing for Good
Green Thumb launched the “Growing for Good” social impact program in 2020. “Growing for Good” is committed to taking meaningful action as it relates to restorative justice in areas most impacted by cannabis prohibition; advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the cannabis industry; and giving back to the communities that welcome us. Keep reading to learn more about how Green Thumb is putting in the work to create positive change.

Restorative Justice
Restore communities disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs by investing in local and national programs designed to reverse the harms done to individuals, families, and communities.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Implement an inclusive corporate culture that addresses the inequities of traditional industries through equitable hiring, promotion, and compensation strategies.

Community Engagement
Empower local team members who live and work in the communities that welcome us to identify volunteer and non-profit partnership opportunities that make Green Thumb everyone’s favorite neighbor.

Environmental Stewardship
Identify and invest in new opportunities that make an eco-friendly impact through environmentally smart growing, manufacturing and packaging.

Our People

Whether harvesting flower or helping a guest find the perfect product at one of our stores, our people leave their unique thumbprint across the company. What unites us all today, tomorrow and twenty years from now is our passion for the plant and people’s well-being.

Join Our Team
Calling all curious, collaborative, compassionate, boundary-pushing, trustworthy stewards:

There’s a place for you.

People are everything at Green Thumb. Some of us nurture plants while others pore over legal documents or open new stores. A few things we have in common? We’re stewards of the plant, a happy and humble bunch and genuinely love what we do.

Company Summary
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