Company Overview

Mission & Values

We envision a healthy, carbon-neutral economy that works for all people. Our mission is to discover and deploy the most effective energy solutions that strengthen the economy and improve the environment.

We stand for genuine relationships, intersecting skills, and earned expertise. 
From independent technical research to program development and implementation, community engagement, policy advocacy, and project financing, our full range of expertise and deep experience is largely unique nationwide. Our people and our nonprofit mission make it possible.

Our creative innovations are informed by decades of on-the-ground experience. 
Fittingly, you can trace the roots of today’s CEE all the way back to twin beginnings in Minnesota’s Twin Cities — in the Energy Office of Minneapolis in 1979 and as a consortium of St. Paul neighborhood organizations in the mid-1980s.

Each helped define the framework for a national energy efficiency movement and established our team’s long history of collaboration to develop and deliver energy efficiency programs for homeowners, renters, businesses, and communities.

Our work is guided by six core values. 

  1. Collaboration: For greatest impact, we seek and embrace complementary strengths and diverse points of view.
  2. Expertise: Everyone we serve benefits from decades of field experience and robust skill sets that we grow and strengthen daily.
  3. Science: Our pragmatic approach and credibility depend on data gained through independent research and expert analysis, with a focus on results.
  4. Community: Everywhere we work, we rely on diverse perspectives and local wisdom for people-centered solutions tailored to serve all.
  5. Integrity: The trust we’ve earned comes from our track record emphasizing ethics and honesty across our work.
  6. Equity: Our efforts align to foster an energy economy with cost-effective, practical solutions that promote prosperity for all.


Equity & Inclusion

For decades, CEE has worked to serve the full breadth of our community.
We invite the widest array of unique perspectives and wisdom to help us tailor people-centered solutions that serve everyone. We seek a healthy, carbon-neutral economy that works for all people. We constantly improve our planning, policy, and technical offerings to meet the needs of historically underserved populations. We want all people to realize the economic and health benefits of our emerging energy system across socioeconomic class, geography, race and ethnicity, politics, age, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, physical or language ability, mental capacity, and other distinctions.

CEE is dedicated to turning the dial toward equity and justice.
In pursuit of fair access to energy and equitable decarbonization, we’ve aligned our programs and operations behind an energy economy with cost-effective, practical solutions that promote prosperity for all. As one of the Upper Midwest’s largest and oldest clean energy nonprofits, we’re well-positioned to promote energy strategies and human relationships centered on equity and inclusion.

Work With Us

Achieving a carbon-neutral economy that works for all requires determination, pragmatism, and passion. CEE's staff is dedicated to making this vision a reality. Join us!

We're committed to an open and welcoming workplace. 
CEE is a community-based clean energy nonprofit that invites open-door communications and respect for diverse backgrounds and points of view, with an emphasis on work–life balance. Our great culture has resulted in being named one of the Top 200 Workplaces in Minnesota by the Star Tribune

We work as a team to strengthen the economy and improve the environment
We provide practical energy solutions to help homeowners, businesses, and communities cut energy waste and harmful emissions. We're curious, lifelong learners who value the well-being of the communities we live in and serve.

Company Summary
Center for Energy and Environment
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(612) 335-5858
212 3rd Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN