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  Sales Interviews or Tests: More Than Meets the Eye
by Dr. Wendell Williams - Oct, 2007
Many organizations incorrectly assess salespeople Almost every sales applicant experiences interviews and tests. Is this good or bad? It's hard to tell. Although it would take dynamite to separate most hiring managers from their favorite test, few organizations have conducted studies showing whether its scores predict performance. High production takes more than just "selling the pencil." It takes a combination of skills...
  Whether or Not You Realize it, You're Using Assessments
by Dr. Wendell Williams - Oct, 2007
A rose by any other name is still a rose Assessment! What a concept! Imagine a world where job applicants are screened for their job skills…before being hired! Wow! Assessment = Judgment = Test = Interview = Application = Resume It's so simple, it's complicated. Folks, anyone who screens resumes or applications, conducts interviews, or reviews past work history to predict future job performance is already using as...
  Copy the Marines? Halos and Horns
by Dr. Wendell Williams - Oct, 2007
Don't let a sweeping conclusion cloud your judgment A large number of readers recently rushed in to confirm that military hires were "slam-dunk" employees. Almost every story was backed with a personal anecdote and criticism was branded downright unpatriotic. I spent a few years in the military and have the highest respect for those who put their lives on the line. I encourage every employer, if given a choice between tw...
  Using Bio-Data for Selection
by Dr. Wendell Williams - Oct, 2007
Looking for love in all the wrong places Some of you might have heard or read about Google and its bio-data applicant screening process. As cited in a recent New York Times article, its basic approach is supposed to be simple: Survey current employees on a variety of characteristics and traits, including teamwork, biographical information, past experiences, and accomplishments. Statistically determine which of these...
  Validating a Personality Test
by Dr. Wendell Williams - Oct, 2007
Measure twice, cut once Sure, it's easy to say engineering, legal, IT, or actuarial jobs require technical degrees. People in these professions need a substantial amount of education to practice their trade. But we all know from watching folks in these professions that it takes more than a sheepskin to be successful. Sometimes, it takes certain personality factors to make a good job fit. Job performance is a two-sided co...
  There's More to a Test Than Questions
by Dr. Wendell Williams - Sep, 2007
Find a solution, not a quiz Once a week I get called by someone, usually an administrative assistant, asking if I have a personality test. When I try to get more information, she usually tells me her boss wants the test and she just wants the price. I tell her, "Sorry. I sell solutions, not tests." She hangs up absolutely convinced I am a jerk. Putting aside the fact she's probably right, let's examine her request....
  All Aboard! Does Your Onboarding Process Lead to Employee Engagement or Buyer’s Remorse?
by David Lee - Sep, 2007
Reprinted from Insights, Fall 2006 Research by Hewitt Associates revealed that companies who invested the most time and resources in onboarding, enjoyed the highest levels of employee engagement.* Both research and common sense tell us it’s wise to invest in preparing employees to be successful at their jobs. If you want your new hires to become productive as quickly as possible, why wouldn’t you do what it took to make...
  How Do You Develop Leaders? Practice, Practice, Practice
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Sep, 2007
Leadership isn’t just for leaders anymore. Top companies are beginning to understand that sustaining peak performance requires a commitment to developing leaders at all levels. Management experts Drs. Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard have defined leadership as “working with and through others to achieve objectives.” To meet the demands of today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, people at all levels are bei...
  Managing Yourself: Are You Ready for a Coach?
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Sep, 2007
The world of work is changing, and fast. Having a successful career means continually learning and adapting to rapidly evolving environments. It’s your responsibility to manage and build on your intellectual capital and adapt to new challenges in your industry. To identify the best career move, you need to develop your capacity to self-assess honestly and be willing to learn new skills and concepts. You can’t do it alone...
  Things That Get in the Way of Executive Coaching
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Sep, 2007
The following article is based on the book Your Executive Coaching Solution: Getting Maximum Benefit from the Coaching Experience, by Joan Kofodimos, Davies-Black Publishing, 2007. Too many executives receive poor or no coaching. They miss opportunities to become more effective in their positions of influence and are often denied promotions they deserve. Some leaders struggle in their careers, failing to recognize that h...
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